Stefania Vola, a background in the humanities and a degree in architecture (2002), has always shown a keen and creative interest in, and talent for art. At the beginning of her career she collaborated with a few well-known architects in Turin, her city, active principally in the planning of trade shows in the fields of fashion and sports (Think PinkConverse All Star and 55DSL).

In 2004 she decided to go solo and started the free profession, concentrating on restructuring of buildings and interior design. A year later, she proposed, developed and realized for the Turin Architect Guild and Chamber of Commerce, an unusually eccentric Turin Guide dedicated to highlighting life-style and design in the city – Turin Tour – orchestrating and conducting a valid support team. This Guide was revamped for the 23rd UIA – World Congress of Architecture Torino 2008. She started collaborating with Studio Vassallo in Turin in 2006, and was involved with cultural projects for public institutions in various Italian regions [Piedmont, Liguria, Sardinia, Sicily], as well as the staging of exhibitions. Most projects pivoted around museum installations/displays/exhibits, often with multi-media, immersive, and interactive formats, Since 2009, Stefania has been active in the field of design and art design concentrating on interior decorating/furniture, lighting and jewelry. She prefers tackling creative inspiration from an indirect, transversal planning approach, interdisciplinary at best, emotional and always connected to poetic values – seeking in signs and materials a connective synthesis with the self.

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